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Bear Creek Access Road Review

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The BC Recreation Sites website rated the road to Bear Creek Campground on Harrison Lake, BC as a two-wheel drive road; it turns out that rating was a little light on information. The 15 km drive to the Bear Creek campground took us just under an hour.

Forest service roads are always narrow and gravel, and rarely easy, smooth drives, but some are definitely better than others. The Harrison East Forest Service Road is a rough, tough drive. I wouldn't really call the surface gravel, it was more like jagged rock, and some of those rocks were big, four to six inches in diameter! (We saw a very new looking pick-up truck at a pull-out with two blown out tires.) There were a lot of very large potholes, with almost as many random mounds of rocks scattered about. The road was very windy in places, with more than a few blind curves, and there were plenty of steep downhill slopes, followed by equally as steep inclines all adjacent to a very ominous looking forested cliff on the lakeside. Add a single lane bridge and logging trucks zipping by at what seemed like breakneck speed (they have the right of way) and it made for a rather tense 15 km.

RR = 10

narrow gravel road with deep and excessive potholes, steep inclines/descents, curves in road, single lane bridge, industrial traffic and no nighttime lights, no cell service

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