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Beauty Found at Bear Creek Campground

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Bear Creek Campground on Harrison Lake, BC is managed by "Summer Santa" Wayne. He, along with his dogs, have managed the site for 40 years! Wayne told Jim that he spends May through September at the site, and the rest of the year in Mexico; not a bad life if you ask me! We found him to be a gracious host who kept a close eye on what was going on around the site; and he clearly enjoyed his job.

The sites and trails BC website says there are 40 campsites at Bear Creek; they are well spread out so it seemed like there were more. A stroll through the entire campground revealed a walking trail that led to a number of tent only sites. It was like entering an enchanted forest of little homesteads. The path through them opened up onto a beach on Harrison Lake, where we found another dozen or so tent sites directly on the beach.

Bear Creek beachfront campsites

About half the available sites cannot be accessed by vehicle so gear would have to be carried to them. However, even the worst sites were still very nice. All are a quick walk to the lake and river. The river was full of little falls and pools that made it a lovely place to soak up the sun while cooling our feet. The lake's edge was warm for wading (Harrison Lake is known for its cold temperature) and there were lots of watercraft of various shapes and sizes out on the water.

The campsite was full with families, seniors, young couples, and singles enjoying the space, but it was quiet. The the wind flowing through the bows of the trees, the rush of the river, and vastness of the lake all worked to absorb the human noises. Although we didn't necessarily enjoy the drive, it was worth it in the end; Bear Creek was a peaceful place that was easy to enjoy.

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