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Province of British Columbia Inspection Facility Locations and Classifications

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The province of British Columbia requires commercial vehicles and and vehicles brought in from out of province to pass a vehicle inspection. For a list of inspection facility locations throughout the province visit this link:

The classification categories are as follows:

Class - 1 - Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of 5,500 kgs or less

Class - 2 - Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of more than 5,500kgs

Class - 3 - Trailer and semi-trailer

Class - 4 - Bus

Class - 5 - School Bus

Class - 6 - Motorcycle

Endors - 1 - Air Brakes

Endors - 2 - Pressure Fuel

Endors - 3 - New to BC

Endors - 4 - Rebuilt from Salvage

Note: There is no separate category for RVs or camper vans - most places we called said they COULD NOT inspect our camper van, regardless of their authorized classification. In Greater Vancouver, Alex's Lift Truck Service in Burnaby was the place that was finally able to help us. #safetyfirst #vehicleinspection #vanlife

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