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Road Ratings

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

It occurred to Jim and me very early into our first vanventure that we should offer readers with some kind of road rating system. The reason we came to this conclusion is because we we were 10-minutes into the forest service road leg of our journey and realized the 2WD rating that Parks BC gave the road was a bit light on information. Yes, theoretically a 2WD could traverse the road, we saw several do so, we both agreed that we would never bring our Audi down the road. For context, it took 50 minutes to drive 15km, and traffic was not the reason for the slow progress!

So with each journey we will provide a road rating of 0 to 10. Zero means the road is a typical paved roadway with no surprises. 10 represents the worst road our vehicle can handle. One point will be assigned to the road for each hazard it presents to reach its total rating. Points will be assigned for the following.

(1) rough or narrow paved road, potholes

(1) gravel road

(1) gravel road with deep and/or excessive potholes

(1) narrow gravel road

(1) steep inclines/descents

(1) curvy/winding road

(1) single lane bridge(s)

(1) industrial traffic (e.g. logging trucks)

(1) no nighttime road lights

(1) no cellular reception

Check tout the bottom of each blog post for road ratings that look like this:

RR = 6

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